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The company has a number of first-class design R&D personnel, the modernization of technical equipment, advanced technology, perfect detection,Always on the premise of elite soldiers, Total staffing 65 from the board of directors, general manager, senior engineer, senior economist, senior technicians to ordinary employees, under a general manager's office, finance department, technology development department, sales department, production department, supply department, Ministry of shipping, archives and other departments. The company has strong technical force, so it has five senior engineers, seven engineers , four technicians,  and more than 70% of workers and after-sales service personnel have college education.According to the special requirements of customers for technological transformation and innovation in order to adapt to the development needs of the market.We always adhere to the concept of "keep improving, service first", actively explore and develop new processes and technologies, and continue to actively introduce domestic and foreign advanced technologies and scientific research achievements.

Our company actively develops new product technology and has a national industrial production license, and also obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificate in 2010,In 2013,we received CE international certification recognized by 26 EU countries and related qualifications. In technology and management has reached the domestic advanced level.We have set up seven offices across the country: Shandong Jinan Office, Henan Zhengzhou Office, Sichuan Chengdu Office, Beijing Office, Guangdong and Guangxi Offices, Jiangxi Nanchang Office, and more than 260 sales and service outlets. Timely and effective after-sales service has been consistently recognized by customers. Based on our trust, we have established a large number of long-term and stable distributor customers.