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  • "Xinxiang made" air purification equipment into the domestic high-end market
  • Editer:Hangzhou Shen Bang purification equipment Co., Ltd. Date:2015-08-17 20:25 Click

In August 8th, Henan Shengmasi Technology Co.,LTD annually produce 200,000 sets of air purifier project completed in Yuanyang city. A series of air purifiers produced by advanced technology at home and abroad have been removed from the production line, It marks that the air purification equipment engraved with xinxiang elements has entered the domestic high-end market.

By this, a new generation of air purifier products developed by the company, relying on the "NT", "photosynthetic decomposition technology" as the core technology can achieve to indoor air pollution, formaldehyde, and selective adsorption, effectively purify the area can reach 60 square meters per hour. At the same time, the air purifier can quickly volatile the formaldehyde and other organic gases, decomposition into carbon dioxide and water, completely and effectively remove a variety of pollutants such as formaldehyde.The introduction of this product will fill the domestic gap in the high-end field of air purifier.
Chairman of Henan Shengmusi Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Xiantang said: “The emergence of national standards for air purifiers has brought opportunities for the development of our company. The company's next step in scientific and technological innovation and product development, there will be a big development. After the commissioning of 200,000air purifiers, output will reach 1.6billion yuan, profits and taxes can reach 650 million yuan. By the end of next year the company will start the two phase of the project, ready to build an annual output of 1 million units of the production line purifier, when our output is expected to break ten billion yuan."
To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japanese aggression, the activities of the day, Henan Shengmasi Technology Co., Ltd. will also presented new production of the first 100 units air purifier to war veterans, to pay homage to the old hero, to provide positive energy for their old age health and happy life. Our city war veterans on behalf of Jiang Zhanxuan, Zhao Zhiyi, Lian Zhaochen and people of all walks of life together to attend the ceremony.