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  • Maintenance mode of high efficiency oil removing device
  • Editer:Hangzhou Shen Bang purification equipment Co., Ltd. Date:2015-08-18 20:17 Click

Introduction to the maintenance of high efficient oil removal device:

1. Efficient oil removal device at the bottom of the automatic drain and manual ball valve (see Figure 1), the usual use of the ball valve opens, can automatically rule out the deposition of liquid in the tank. The intermediate tray is provided with a manual blowdown valve (see Figure 1), each class (8 hours) at least emissions a, Ruoyu weather wet or high oil content of compressed air can be appropriate to increase the discharge times.

2. In the disassembly or assembly filter should ensure the integrity of the seal is available.

3. Automatic drainage should be cleaned regularly to dirt clogging the filter screen and outfall.

4. The equipment in use and should be slow to open (off) into the outlet valve, so that the inlet and outlet pressure is smaller, in order to ensure the integrity of the filter.

5. The filter element is, in addition to the main components of the oil, the work to regularly check and out of gas pressure drop, initial pressure drop of the series filter is about 0.01~0.02Mpa (every) with the growth in use of time, the filter pressure drop increases gradually. When the pressure reaches 0.07Mpa shows that the filter has been blocked by dirt, should be promptly replaced, avoid to continue to use the pressure drop down. The replacement of the new filter should be tightened in the middle of the long screw and pay attention to the upper end of the sealing ring is intact.