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  • Why use Precsion filters?
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Why Use precision Filters?
It is well known that untreated air contains many impurities, such as water, rust, particulate dust and oil, under any operating conditions. Without removing these impurities, they will result in additional production losses, product quality problems and high maintenance costs. Compressed air is the main safe energy for large-scale industrial production. Improve the quality of compressed air is to reduce production costs

Working principle
Precision filter (also known as security filter), cylinder shell generally made of stainless steel manufacturing, the internal use of PP melt blown line, burning, folding, titanium filter, activated carbon filter and a tubular filter as the filter element is selected according to the different filter media filter element and design technology, to meet the requirements of water quality. The body can also be used to install fast, convenient and easy to replace the filter and cleaning. The equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, petroleum, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries.
Structural characteristics
The precision filter has many advantages such as high capacity, high corrosion resistance, good temperature resistance, large flow rate, convenient operation, long service life, no fiber loss and so on. A variety of coating equipment top cotton filter and frame type, bag filter, suitable for fine chemicals, oil, food and medicine, water treatment and other occasions.
For a variety of suspensions of solid-liquid separation, for a wide range for medicine. food. Chemical Engineering. Environmental protection. Water treatment and other industrial fields, all kinds of painting equipment, top cotton filter and frame type, bag filter, suitable for fine chemicals, oil, food medicine, water treatment and other occasions.
[1].Precision filter features
1. efficient removal of water, oil mist, solid particles, the removal of 0.01 M and more than 100% particles, oil mist concentration control in 0.01ppm/wt; 2, reasonable structure, small volume and light weight; 3, with protective cover plastic shell and shell can choose Aluminum Alloy. 4, three stages of purification treatment, long service life Precision filter material
Precision filter material
  1. shell: Aluminum Alloy; 2, protective cover: plastic cup, poly-carbonate, metal cup, Aluminum Alloy; 3, filter materials: B, C series of environmental protection special fiber, non-woven series, D; activated carbon; 4, liquid level indicator, metal cup, PV.
Precision filter type
Q class precision filter
General: General reciprocating air compressor pre filter material: multilayer glass fiber filter: 5MICRON filter oil filter impurity content: 5PPM maximum pressure: 16KG/CM maximum temperature of 65 DEG C: general pressure: 0.2KG/CM maximum pressure: 0.7KG/CM function: compressed gas in large oil and gas filter to filter out impurities and particles within 5PPM to 5MICRON
General scope: General screw air compressor Pre-filter material: Multilayer glass fiber filter Filter impurity: 1MICRON Filter oil content: 0.5PPM Maximum pressure: 16KG / CM Maximum temperature: 65 ℃ General pressure difference: 0.17KG / CM Maximum pressure Poor: 0.7KG / CM Function: the compressed air within the oil and gas filter to 0.5PPM to filter out impurity particles to 1MICRON the following

S-class precision filter
General: General Air Compressor Post Filter Material: Multilayer glass fiber filter Impurity: 0.01MICRON Oil content: 0.01PPM Maximum pressure: 16KG / CM Maximum temperature: 65 ℃ General pressure difference: 0.275KG / CM Maximum differential pressure : 0.7KG / CM function: the compressed air in the trace oil and gas precision filter to 0.01PPM while filtering impurities in the air particles to 0.01MICRON oil-free standards to achieve high-quality compressed air

C-level precision filter

Common range: High precision filter Material: Activated carbon filter Filter impurity: 0.03MICRON Oil content: 0.003PPM Maximum pressure: 16KG / CM Maximum temperature: 65 ℃ General pressure difference: 0.75KG / CM Maximum pressure difference: 0.7KG / CM function: generally used to filter out the ozone in compressed air, very fine oil and ultra-fine particles in order to achieve high-precision filter quality filter, using a multi-layer filter material, which contains borosilicate fiber Layer, a glass fiber layer, an activated carbon fiber layer, a multi-layer non-woven layer and a stainless steel mesh layer. The only way to achieve oil-free, high-quality air without impurities. Added: C main line filter to remove large amounts of liquid and more than 3μm solid particles, the minimum residual oil content of only 5ppm, a small amount of water, dust and oil mist. For air compressors, after the rear cooler, other filters before, for general protection purposes; for cold and dry machine before the pre-treatment device. T air line filter to filter out as little as 1μm of liquid and solid particles, to the minimum residual oil content of only 0.5ppm, a trace of moisture, dust and oil mist. Used for A-level filter before the pre-treatment purposes; cold and dry after the dryer, to further improve air quality. A ultra-efficient oil removal filter can filter out as small as 0.01μm of liquid and solid particles, the minimum residual oil content of only 0.001ppm, almost all of the water, dust and oil are removed. For the H-level filter and suction machine before the protective effect, cold and dry machine, to ensure that the air does not contain oil. H activated carbon micro-oil mist filter can filter oil mist and hydrocarbons as small as 0.01μm, the minimum residual oil content is only 0.003ppm, without moisture, dust and oil, odorless and tasteless. From the last filter, for some must use high-quality high-quality air units, such as the food industry, breathing, aseptic packaging.