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  • Sbh-30nf high temperature type air cooled refrigeration dryer
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working principle
Cold drying machine is based on the principle of refrigeration, the hot and humid air through the evaporator for heat exchange, so that the compressed air of the gaseous water condensed into liquid water, through the gas water separator.

Technical characteristics
Adopt international famous brand refrigeration compressor, stable operation, low voice, less energy consumption, safe and reliable;
The air flowing through the part of the spray treatment, in order to avoid air pollution two;
Unique gas-liquid separation design, to avoid the two evaporation of water, sewage more thoroughly;
Optional RS485/RS232, linkage interface and dew point detection function;
With a variety of fault alarm and processing functions;
Electronic drainage system, is not easy to plug, to ensure the best drainage effect of the unit;
Integrated design, compact and reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain, easy to install.